About Us

Professional & Efficient


 The Cole Collision Center, LLC repair process is designed with  professional and efficient actions in mind. We know how important it is  to you that your vehicle be returned to its pre-wreck condition as soon  as possible, and we keep that in mind at all times. Having to wait for  repairs is hard enough, so we are diligent in our repair process to get  the work done in a professional and efficient manner.   

Repairs Begins Immediatley


 Once replacement vehicle parts arrive at the shop, Cole Collision Center  will begin repairs as soon as possible. Our goal is to get your vehicle  back to normal and back into service for you promptly. We will  completely tear down your vehicle and have the insurance supplement  prepared and completed right away. Your vehicle will then have the new  parts installed. Any necessary corrective repairs will then be made.   

Teardown & Estimate


 We will have non-drivable vehicles towed to our auto body shop, where we  will do a complete teardown and provide a written estimate for repair  services. Drivable vehicles will be assigned a date to come in to the  shop for a consultation and to have a written estimate prepared. Upon  your approval, a repair date will then be scheduled.   


 Next, your vehicle will proceed to our in-house paint shop to be  refinished. After the painting process has been completed, your vehicle  will be reassembled according to factory specifications and inspected  for accuracy.  After all repair and restoration work has been completed, your vehicle  will be cleaned. You will then be contacted to notify you when your  freshly repaired, painted, and clean vehicle is ready for pick up.  Although our technicians are extremely efficient, they are talented and  proficient, as well. We are sure that you will be pleased with your  repair work. Let us help you get your vehicle back on the road! We look  forward to helping you get your wrecked vehicle repaired and back on the  road as fast as possible! Thank you for your business.  Contact Cole Collision Center LLC to schedule a pickup or appointment  for an estimate: (304) 252-4611.